About Us

01 Provide furniture that will accompany you throughout your life like family
is our mission
Furniture with a sense of design, high quality and practicality is our insistence on product selection.
I hope these furniture will make you feel calm and comfortable when every day.
02 Create a space for consumers to enjoy life
is our task
Are you under a lot of pressure at work and want to reward yourself when you get home? With our products we wish to create a healing home space for your, you will find that you are starting to enjoy life a little better. Even if you are a office worker or stuck in sandwich generation, even if the house is rented, but life is yours.
03 Improve Taiwanese furniture aesthetics
is our vision
When buying furniture, do you only go to the Nordic furniture stores, starts with an I-? We provide designer brands and introduce customized projects, allowing you to buy designer brand furniture at reasonable prices. You no longer have to envy other people's homes for looking like sample houses, because your home is your dream.
04 A leader in social enterprises in the home furnishing industry
It’s our expectations for ourselves

We do not just strive to maximize profits, but to give back to the environment, disadvantaged groups, gender equality and other issues. Fulfilling social responsibility is our commitment to the next generation.


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Red Dot Design Award 2023

Red Dot Design Award 2023

The foxx chair was designed as a comfortable product solution for flexible seating in domestic environments. Owing to its X-shaped aluminium support struts, the chair can be easily folded up an...

iF Design Award 2023

iF Design Award 2023

foxx chair The foxx chair is a foldable lounge chair born from the concept of free movements and optimal comfort in various spaces without fixing a sitting position. It’s a solution to cope with t...